KVAR Energy Controller

Reduce your High Electric Bill!

residential_kvarConcerned about the rising cost of Energy? Do you dread opening your Electric Bill?

Install a KVAR unit today and start saving money and energy!

KVAR Products for Home, Business, and Industry

Efficiency vs "Renewables"

If you were to ask 5 people their opinion on what our National Energy Policy should be, you would probably get 5 very different answers. Many believe that the answer is in renewables: wind, solar, geothermal, and bio-fuels.

What about Energy Rebates? Reality is, if a technology cannot stand alone on its “return on investment”, why should the Federal Government (the taxpayers) subsidize it?

The answer may lie in Renewable Energy projects – eventually. Conservation practices certainly help.

But for now, wouldn’t it make sense to use what we know actually works?

Energy Efficiency

Getting the most out of the energy we currently consume. We make motors in your home, and for business and industry use electrical energy more efficiently.

We use a proven technology that is encouraged by motor manufacturers. Power Companies use this technology.

And, most of all, Energy Efficiency with KVAR is an investment with a high return. You’ll save money and save energy in a cost-efficient way.

The KVAR Energy Controller will save you money without change of lifestyle – or breaking the bank.